Tips and Tricks for Keeping All Your Home Electronics Neat and Organized

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How many times have you heard “Mom….where is my charger?” Or maybe it’s YOU that cannot find your own charger? The amount of cords and gadgets that come with our electronics now days is ENDLESS! That is why I am here to share some super easy tips and tricks to keep all of your home electronics neat and organized!

TIP#1 – Gather It All Up

The first tip I would give, would be to gather any and all electronics you own and bring them together. This includes cell phones, I-pads, laptops, kindles, headphones, batteries, video games, controllers, etc etc

TIP#2 – Pitch All the Junk

Now that you have a good visual of everything you own, it is the time to go ahead and get rid of anything that is either broken, missing parts, or that you no longer need or use! Keeping around cords or gadgets that either don’t work or partially work, is a huge source of frustration. Keeping only what you love, use, and need is a huge sanity saver! If it’s not broken but you no longer use it, than you should either sell it or give it to someone who will treasure it more than you.

TIP #3 – Find A Central Location

Having a central location for all of your electronics is a super smart idea. Especially when you have a family with multiple people who share everything. This also allows parents to have a better vision of where electronics are located when not in use. Our central location is in our family room.

Here is how we keep everything organized….

This is a corner in our family room. It happens to be where a lot of the action happens but also where we seem to find ourselves needing these items the most. Which is why I chose this space!

As you can see in the first picture, there was a drawer built into our bookcase. I thought that would be perfect for the smaller items you see here. I used plastic drawer inserts like the ones here and here to organize everything.

I put the batteries in with all the cords because my kids are always needing them for something. Especially things like remote controls!

I also have a separate container for charging cords, charging bricks, and heaphones.

Note: Office binder clips work amazingly well at keeping the cords separated and untangled! They come in all sizes and are fairly cheap.

Here is a pic of where we charge everything…..

I hung a cute basket on the wall for everything that needs to charge. You can’t see it very well but there is an outlet behind there. Most of our devices use the same charging cord which is nice.

Here is is closer look….

Last but not least I keep my boys’ video games and controllers in this cute wooden bin here.

That’s it! I hope this gave you lots of good ideas for your own space?

Thanks for stopping!

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