Tidy Little Tip – Never Again Lose or Misplace a Library Book With This Simple Step!

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We love the library!  There are so many new books to read and explore!  What never fails is that every time we go, each of my kids walks away with a small mountain of books they just can’t wait to dig into!  This is something that I would never want to discourage my kids from, however, it used to be somewhat of a problem for me.  The problem was that about 10 seconds after we walked in the door, I had library books flying every which direction.  And when it came time to return those books, we were always in a frantic scramble to find them!  I don’t know how many times I said “Did you check under your bed?  Did you check in your closet?”  The whole situation drove me mad!  It did not take too many late fees and one “lost forever” book before I decided, there has to be a better way?

Here is what I came up with….

I bought these two decorative bins from Hobby Lobby and officially designated them as my “library book bins.”  We put nothing in them other than library books!  Now whenever we get home from the library they know right were to put their books!  If they want to read a specific book, they do so, but they need to return the old book before grabbing a new one!  I also made sure to buy the bins big enough to hold a decent amount of books, so there was always room for all of them!  I chose to store our bins on top of a bookshelf in our homeschool room…

Obviously this exact set up may not work for you?  Maybe you have a bin in your family room, your kitchen, a bedroom, a closet?  It really is going to look different for everyone!  The point is to choose how you want to store them, and then choose a designated spot to keep them!  That’s it!  Easy Peasy!  Now your next trip to the library is as simple as grabbing the old set of books and bringing in the new!

This is just a small little tip that has been a pretty big sanity saver for me! Being a parent is no easy feat, but small little things like this just make our jobs a little bit easier!

Happy Organizing Friends!

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