How To Keep Your Board Games Organized – Once And For All

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If you know me well you probably know that I am a huge fan of using the space in your house wisely. Whether you own or you rent, you probably pay a pretty good chunk of change. So you might as well use every inch of it to the best of your ability! We recently found ourselves in this situation with our spare bedroom. For a long time we used it as a toy room, and it worked really well. However, with my youngest soon to be 9 years old, a play room was just was not necessary like it once was.

We decided our spare room would be much better utilized as a game room. We LOVE board games in our family. In fact I have one child who would play them all day every day if given the chance! I however, have never had a super great system for organizing them, which is not great because they seem to get out of control easily.

For the longest time my kids would just pile one on top of the other with no rhyme or reason. It didn’t take long before it was an absolute mess! No one could find anything, pieces would be missing, and boxes would get destroyed.

I wanted a better system. I wanted a system that made it easy for my kids to not only find what they were looking for, but also be able to put it away!

Here is the finished product…..

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!

Here is what you need to do to get it done…


Start by taking everything out of your cabinet or closet. Purge any and all games that are missing pieces or no one plays with any longer. You should be left with only games that are complete and that your family loves.


If a box is beyond repair and is barely holding on, but the game itself is still in good repair, put all the pieces aside and toss the box! I will explain later what you can do with it!


Next you need to group all the games you are keeping by size and shape. Most board games either come in a rectangle or square shaped box. There are a few odd sizes which can also go in their own pile.


Now that you have a good visual of what you want to keep, next you need to plan not only where you want your board games to go, but how you would like to organize them. For us it was in a small closet in our spare bedroom. Maybe for you it is in a cabinet, or maybe just a portion of a closet? Everyone’s space is different.


Here is the fun part, and my trick to getting and keeping everything clean, organized, and functional. You may need to spend a little but the peace you will feel to have everything clean and organized will be well worth it!

Here is what I used to get the job done….


I use what is normally a shoe organizer, but I use it for GAMES! This is my favorite hack of them all because it is an amazing way to keep the games from piling on top of each other. It is also great because when your kids go to put the game away there is only one spot for it to go!

In this picture the organizer is sitting on a shelf, but they also stack on each other too so a shelf is not necessary. As you can see one organizer comfortably fits roughly 6 rectangle shaped games and 6 square ones.

Here is a link to where I got them and to give you a better idea of what they look like.

Here is a pic of what they look like stacked on the floor. This would be 2 of them stacked on top of each other. 


Do you remember having to throw away any old worn out boxes? This is where trick #2 comes in handy. I use this metal rolling cart to store all of my boxless games. I also use it to store smaller games that do not go on the shelf.

Here is what is looks like…

Here are some examples of what I put in all of the drawers…..

I also love that they slide all the way out. This make it easy for my kids to grab the entire drawer and all of it contents at once. It is even easier to put it all away. I labeled all of the drawers, which makes for no confusion about what goes inside.

Here is a link for more details to where I purchased them.


Last but not least, trick # 3. I use these plastic pull out drawers for all my kids building type games and toys. Each one has it own separate drawer and once again these also pull out.

Here are some examples of what is in them….

Here is a link to these also…..

That is pretty much it! Lets take one last look at the finished product! 


I hope this post has inspired you or at least given you ideas to finally get those board games organized once and for all.

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