6 Reasons Your House Still Looks Cluttered- Even After Decluttering

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It’s that time of year, you are ready for a fresh start! Out with the old and in with the new. You have read all of the organizing/decluttering books and articles you can get your hands on. You then spend what feels like an eternity going through every little nook and cranny only to look around and realize it still looks cluttered! How can that be?

This is actually a very common problem. The clutter I am referring to is what I like to call “convenient clutter.” It’s the kind of clutter that can easily go unnoticed, unless you know to look for it…

Here are the top 6 sources of “convenient clutter” you may be overlooking….

Too Many Knick-Knacks

I get it, how could you possibly not display that cute snowman your great aunt Cheryl so lovingly gifted you long ago? Or how about that vase that your mom guilted you into taking because it has been passed down 5 generations. Or maybe you are just a collector of cute but small things?

Either way you spin it, knick-knacks have a sneaky way of going from cute to cluttered in 2 seconds flat. My advice to you is to really evaluate if what you have on display is really something you love and if so does it fit your vision of the uncluttered peaceful space you desire? If not, let it go!

Not Enough Light

Never underestimate the power of a well lit room. I know you might be thinking, “what does lighting have to do with clutter?” but trust me, a little bit of light can go a long way! Our brains often associate a clean feeling with light. Natural light is best, but adding extra lighting in any other form will work to!

Too Much Paper

Paper clutter is one of the hardest forms of clutter to stay on top of. This is mostly because it just keeps coming back! Bills, junk mail and kids’ school papers can all quickly become out of control without a good system in place.

My advice is to handle your paper everyday, and designate one central organized spot for everything to go. Never underestimate the power of paper!

Too Many Toys

Now days it is common to see a mountain of toys in every room of the house. I am not advocating that your precious bundle of joy go toy-less. I do however challenge you to take inventory of the toys they do have. Do they really NEED all of them?

I myself went through this with my own kids and found out that they actually played so much better when they had less to choose from.

It’s called “decision fatigue” It’s a real thing, and kids experience it just the same as adults. Look it up, you might be surprised.

Too Much Furniture

This is another really common mistake I see in homes that look too cluttered. I personally have made this mistake and it cost me a really nice leather sectional that was WAY too big for the room we wanted it for.

It is so important when adding or buying new furniture that you measure and honestly asses what will comfortably fit. If you fail to do this it will result in a room that looks way to crowded and cluttered, which also may result in you having to resell or give up your beloved furniture because you didn’t plan ahead.

Furniture should be a nice addition to a room, not completely swallow it whole!

Too Many Things On Your Walls

We all love our pictures and our paintings, but this is an area where I say “less is more.” I highly recommend you keep wall hangings to a minimum. Pick your absolute favorites, evaluate how much space you have, and be minimal by only hanging or displaying what truly brings you joy.

Trust me, less is truly more!

I hope that if you still feel trapped by clutter that this gives you hope to keep going. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.

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