DIY Nerf Gun Wall

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Nerf Guns…. You either love them or hate them. If you are a mom of boys however, you more than likely have one or two of these lying around. It is also possible that you are not yet a mom, but your husband has few? Please tell me my husband is not the only one? (wink wink)

Either way, they tend to pile up fast. It only takes one epic nerf war before you are surrounded by a hail of bullets and guns!

Now comes the fun part. Cleanup. We used to just throw all of ours in a big  tub and call it a day. That is until we built our very own nerf wall! Each of my boys have one in their room.

Here it is….

Both of my boys absolutely LOVE having their guns on display! They have even gotten lots of comments from friends who have said they wanted one. I also love how they are visible, easily accessible, but still neat looking!

It was really pretty simple to assemble. All you need is ….

  • 1 Peg Board ( Sized according to your needs)
  • Pegs for the peg board
  • 2  2×4’s to mount the pegboard

That’s it!

When buying your supplies you should choose your peg board according to the size of your stash. So you might want to assess that before you go. We used 2 2×4’s to mount the peg board to the wall. This is what it look like from the top….

Next you need to buy your pegs. The majority of ours look like this. These seem to be able to hold pretty much every gun we have, and they work very well…

I put all of the bullets and accessories in a small tub like this. This also works very well for clean up and helps to keep the bullets all together.  My boys even put some small plastic army guys in there because they like to set those up randomly for target practice…


That is pretty much it! So simple, yet still organized!

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