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I can’t believe we are already more than half way through the summer! Time flies when you are having fun! And even though we might not want to admit it, those back to school days are right around the corner. As it goes with most things in life, it always works best if you prepare ahead of time, instead of scrambling last minute to find everything you need.

From pens and paper, to books, backpacks, and bins to hold it all. There is no shortage of things to shop for. This is also a season where many people find themselves looking for ways to organize things around the house to make going back to school or work as simple as possible, which is why I thought it was fitting to share this sale with you!

If you have heard of it already, the sale I am talking about is Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is one of Amazon’s largest annual events during which they put thousands of items on sale for a limited time. This sale has even come to rival the infamous Black Friday sale in the online shopping world! The sale starts July 15, 2019 at midnight Pacific Time and will run for 48 hours through the end of July 16th.

Amazon offers not only a HUGE variety of physical products from just about every category, but it also offers groceries, music, movies, and both kindle and audio books.

But here is the kicker…

You need to become an Amazon Prime member in order to participate in this sale. Click here for more details and to sign up.

If you are already a Prime member, you are now ready to shop!

I thought I would make it as easy as possible so I hand selected the deals I thought were best and broke it all up into categories along with a brief description of why I love each product or an idea of how you can use it in your house!

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I LOVE these containers! They have SO many uses from school, to pictures, to even organizing your card games or puzzles! The possibilities are endless!


Perfect in any closet. You can also use this to set out your kids’ school outfits! One for each day of the week. Takes off some of the pressure of those early school  mornings.

Perfect for organizing jewelry or anything crafty with small pieces.


These have a variety of uses, but if you are low on closet space though these are the way to go!


Perfect way to keep everything in your purse neat and tidy!


These are perfect for in the car, especially with young kids or while traveling!


What a great way to keep track of your chapstick!


This is a GREAT deal and a great way to keep all of your kids toys and books organized




We absolutely love our mowhawk rug! They are super durable and clean up very nicely after kids and pets!


I love these dishes for many reasons. First is that they are glass and super durable. I also love the snap on lids.  These are perfect for lunches!


I love microfiber for cleaning! Nothing polishes those faucets and counters like microfiber. I wouldn’t use anything else!


This little cart is perfect for a small kitchen, garage, office, or anywhere else you are running low on storage space.


I used to wake up with daily back and neck pain until I started sleeping on a pillow like this! Complete game changer for me.


These are not only great in the laundry room, but are also great for bath toys, or for anything beach related like googles and swimwear.


If you are low on space and looking to organize any closet, these are essential! Bonus: Everything stays airtight and fresh!


Perfect for those HOT beach days to keep everything cool! Also comes in a variety of colors!


Great bathroom storage. Keeps everything neat and tidy on the counter.


These have SO many uses. I love them for those trips to the grocery store where you might not be home right away. Helps to keep everything cool and fresh!

There is nothing greater than a new set of sheets! They come in a variety of sizes and colors!


Perfect under the bed or in the closet storage! Helps to keep everything contained and fresh.


Love the saying! Love the cup!



I thought these were super cute! They also come in a variety of colors!


I wish I would have had this years ago! Pure genius!


So handy for the kitchen! If you have a toddler they are perfect for cutting food into bite sized pieces.


Weighted blankets are AMAZING!



I LOVE these cutting boards! They are SUPER durable and have lasted me forever!


Great deal if you are on the hunt for a new faucet!



Save money on outrageous cable bills and buy this firestick instead! This is a GREAT deal!


Great DEAL! Great headphones!



This is the perfect way to add Alexa to any room in your house!


Who doesn’t love their Insta Pot? This is a GREAT deal!



I have heard so many positive reviews of this product! If you ever wanted to know more about your family tree, this is the way to go!


Super cute rug at a great deal! I am always amazed at what a difference these little details make for a room.


I love this crockpot!




Perfect for that artsy person in your family!



These are GREAT! And a lot less messy than real watercolors!


These are GREAT! My kids actually color in them when I read to them! Helps to keep their hands busy while still listening. They are also a great stress reliever for adults too!


My kids love their tabletop easel! I love that it does not take up a ton of space but is still versatile enough to use almost anywhere. Perfect for homeschooling or just to get the creative juices flowing.

My kids have had SO much fun over the years with these painting tools!


Super cute and perfect for school or journaling!



A fun and easy way for kids to learn their countries and continents.


Perfect for camping, a trip to the park, or just in the backyard.


My kids LOVE the Osmo!



Also a GREAT deal!



A great way to teach young kids the beginner stages of coding.


I absolutely LOVE my cricut! This is a STEAL of a DEAL!


Great for traveling!



My boys loved their car mat when they were little! So many hours of fun!


Who doesn’t LOVE Chewbacca!



Perfect for those summer and lake days!



Great bikes!






LOVE photoshop!



My kids LOVE making slime!



My kids absolutely LOVE these vitamins!



The adult version is just as good!



Perfect for hair, skin, nails and joints! You can add it to almost anything. I add it to my morning coffee.


Great addition to your first-aid box.



Elderberry is king at preventing and treating the cold and flu. These gummies are perfect for kids who might not like the taste of syrup.


I use this in my hair almost every day! It is all natural and so so good for things like frizz and split ends!





That’s it friends! I hope you found a few treasures or got a few deals. If you are interested more in what amazon has to offer, please check out the links below for more info.





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