Save Time, Energy, and Your Sanity With This Simple Laundry Hack

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LAUNDRY : The REAL Never Ending Story

Behind every mom is a basket of dirty laundry.

I’m just a girl standing in front of her laundry simply asking it to fold itself. 

And my favorite….

LAUNDRY : Something you do that no one notices….until you DON’T do it!

Lets face it. Laundry is here to stay. Whether there is one person in your house, or ten, you will always be doing laundry to some extent. Some more than others.

You may also “like” some parts of laundry, more than others. As for me, I don’t really mind the washing and the folding, but I am not a fan of the sorting and putting away.

I wish I was here to give you a hack that would completely eliminate ALL of your laundry forever. Unfortunately though, unless you want to go naked or be incredibly stinky I think you are out of luck!

I do have a different sort of hack for you though. One that has saved me a decent amount of time washing and folding.

Here is what I do…..

I have assigned everyone in my family a specific color bath towel.

I then bought two of each color.

Here is what the setup looks like in our bathroom.

I bought this coat hook rack at Hobby Lobby, and this is what I use to hang the towels on. The set up is really up to you and your style. The important part is that you get one hook for each member of your family….

I then hung each individual towel on each individual hook. You will also notice that each hook has room for two towels.

This has saved me a significant amount of time and sanity for a number of reasons. Here they are….

REASON #1 – We used to just have an entire cabinet stocked with towels. My family would grab a new one EVERY time they got out of the shower. We have 5 people in our family, which essentially means that it only took all of us showering one time before I had an entire load of towels to wash.

That is CRAZY! There is no reason a towel cannot be used more than once.

I mean we are supposed to be clean when using it… RIGHT?

However, no one wanted to reuse a towel more than once because they were unsure of which one was theirs! If we each have our own color, that eliminates that problem. Cha-Ching!

REASON #2 – So often I would find towels strewn all over the bathroom, in no particular order! I would ask my kids who left the towel on the floor and in typical kid fashion no one was quick to fess up.

But guess what, now I know EXACTLY who left the towel on the floor! Because their name is practically written all over it!

And guess what else…. I no longer have as many towels laying on the floor!

REASON #3 – Last but not least, and also my favorite reason is that this has virtually eliminated having to fold towels and put them away. Once or twice a week. I simply come to this hook in my bathroom. Gather up all the towels, throw them in the wash, and when they are done I hang them nicely back on these hooks!

It is SO simple. SO easy. And saves a TON of time!

If this is just one of your many laundry frustrations, I urge you to give this method a try!

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.



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