A Fun Display Idea For Your Kids Room

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As many of you already know, kids come with a lot of stuff!  The older your kids get the more stuff they tend to accumulate.  Especially if they are involved in any extra curricular activities outside the house.  Some of that “stuff” I am referring to is all of that memorabilia your child gets from every activity they are in.  Whether it is football, soccer, baseball, dance, or gymnastics there always seems to be some sort of team picture, trophy, or medal to take home at the end.

In the past I would find myself just shoving all of these things in a box somewhere, not real sure what to do with it all.  But then it hit me, why would I pay big money for all those team photos only to look at them once and shove them in a box?  There had to be a better way.

What I found was super simple, relatively cheap, and I absolutely love it!

Here is what it looks like….

This is a proud display of everything my son loves, treasures, or has accomplished.  It is pretty cool to be able to look at his sports pictures all together and see how much he has grown through the years!

Here is a close up….

I have actually overheard him in his room showing some of his friends some of his cool Broncos gear or some of his autographed cards.  I really like the fact that he can look up there and see all that he has done or accomplished and look forward to another year ahead!

I hung his medals on this cute little hook right below the crates….

So now that you have seen the finished product, here is what I did to complete it…..

First I went to Lowe’s and bought these wooden crates.  I have also seen them at Target, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby.  They seem to range in price from anywhere between $6.00-$10.00 a piece.

The next thing I did was I bought was a can of spray paint.  You choose whatever color works for you.  For this project I chose black.  Note: You could choose to just paint the crate with a brush, however, I felt it would take much longer due to all of the small cracks and crevices, so I decided to use the spray paint instead.

Next you need to spray paint your crates in whatever color you chose.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the step by step process, due to the fact that I completed the project long before I had a blog.  Luckily, it is pretty easy and there not too many steps.

After you are done spray painting, you simply locate the studs in your wall, and hang them!   I did not attach any brackets or hanging devices, I just put a screw right threw the wooden slats on the back of the crate.  It was so simple, and has held up very nice.

The last and final step is to decorate to your liking!  Easy Peasy!

One more final thought…This could also be used in a bathroom, living area, or any other area of the house. The possibilities are endless. This is just where I found it suitable in our house!  I hope this has given you some inspiration or new ideas for your space!

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  1. Autumn Keel says:

    I LOVE this idea! I have done the exact same thing with my kids pictures and medals – in a box because what exactly do you do with them?! Now I can’t wait for some of the new pictures!


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